Earlier this year, LAX premiered a new public art installation from the staple L.A. radio and event collective Dublab, which they’ve named the Orchestrina. The exhibition is part of a new three-year contract for the station to program live music and sound art at LAX, and the installation immerses travelers as they walk along the 1,000-foot-long hallway connecting the Tom Bradley International terminal’s Great Hall to its west gates.

The experimental music program shifts between 30 compositions written in a single key (C major).

“For decades now, Dublab has been doing programming in unconventional places,” said Alejandro Cohen, executive director of Dublab. “Maybe the final frontier of this is the airport.” (Los Angeles Times) Read more here.

Dublab plans to host a number of events over the next three years as they continue to bring music to the airport. For more information, follow @dublab on Instagram.