Lincoln Property Company (“LPC”) is seeking an Artist or Artist Team to design a permanent, site-specific mural artwork and provide installation consultation for the RiverRow multifamily project in Santa Cruz, California.


LPC will fund the artwork and manage the process with NOW Art LLC (“Now Art”). A selected panel of
local stakeholders will administer the Art selection process, while NOW Art will oversee the artwork
development. The artwork resulting from this process will become the property of Lincoln Property
Company and RiverRow. The process of production will be marouflage, and the selected Artist will
provide the design and paint the composition on canvas provided to them by the fabricator.

The Request for Qualifications (RFQ) describes the project, the required scope of services, the Artist
selection process, and the minimum information required in the Statement of Qualifications
(hereinafter referred to as the Application). Failure to submit information in accordance with this RFQ’s
requirements and procedures may be cause for disqualification.

Any Artist* or Artist Team authorized to work in the United States is eligible to apply, although the goal is
to support the local artist community and to encourage local artists to apply.

Teams may include cross-disciplinary members (agencies, designers) but in these scenarios an Artist
must serve as the team leader. We encourage Artists who represent diversity in gender, age,
socio-economic class, geographic location, religion, sexual orientation, skills and abilities, ethnicity,
among other qualities to apply. Individuals with conflicts of interest are not eligible for contract award
under this solicitation.

Artists will be given a creative and design production fee for this project. Artists do not need to have
prior mural experience to apply, but must be able to produce high-quality large-format painted work at

Artists must have all necessary documentation and permits to work in the United States at the time of
submission of Application.

DEADLINE: MAY 31, 2024

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