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  • Client: Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs
  • Location: Fletcher Bowron Square in the Los Angeles Mall, Downtown Los Angeles, CA
  • Artists: Joseph Young (original), various artists (reactivation)
The Challenge

Reactivation of Joseph Young’s long-neglected and oft-misunderstood piece. This monumental polyphonoptic artwork had fallen into disrepair with an outdated computer program and non-functioning light system.

The Solution

Due to its historic nature, a full archiving of Joseph Youngs original computer system had to be completed. Following this, a system for the nearly 1500 lights needed to be installed and connected to a modern operating system.

The Result

A series of dynamic activations curated by the Triforium Project with performances by Reggie Watts, Bob Baker Marionette Theater, the Institute for Art and Olfaction, Molly Lewis, and many more.