War of the Worlds

Activations / Civic Art / Public Art

  • Client: Los Angeles Philharmonic, The Industry
  • Location: Downtown Los Angeles, CA
  • Artists: Multiple 
The Challenge

To create a multimedia piece to be broadcast through the streets of Downtown Los Angeles, expanding a private performance into one that is inclusive and available to the public.

The Solution

In partnership with The Industry and the LA Philharmonic, Now Art co-produced a live sound/art recreation of War of the Worlds by reactivating three former air-raid sirens.

The Result

The Los Angeles Philharmonic played live at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, while a real-time broadcast of this performance was sent through the sirens out onto the streets. Simultaneously, musicians and performers, stationed at each of the Sirens, accompanied this performance, including various live reports that were then sent back to the concert hall.